Quality management of all your logistics

We offer door to door freight transportation at affordable costs. DashGO is concerned with the efficiency of product movement, and on-time delivery. We provide a strong system and clear frame of transportation for the accurate delivery of goods. Tracking of your goods is also provided by DashGO.  We move your valuable wares safely and securely.

TL and LTL

You can choose from our truckload (TL) and less than truckload (LTL) services, depending on how much cargo you need shipped. If your shipment is relatively small and does not require a full truck, opt for LTL and pay only for the space you use. If your shipment is large, choose TL and get a truck dedicated to your shipment.  

Special Handling

We understand that no two shipments are quite the same—which is why we employ specific, industry-focused approaches to your shipment. We employ trucks and coaches designed to meet special handling needs—for instance, temperature control for perishable food, safety measures for hazardous cargo, appropriate carriers for oversize cargo, and vibration-proof transportation for delicate shipments.