Systematized inventory storage and Efulfillment services


We open our hatchway for all kinds of eCommerce sellers or online merchants by providing systematized inventory storage and Efulfillment services. We ensure high quality warehouse, and management of goods by providing the best Efulfillment services. You can constantly track inventory levels, orders, and shipments through our web-based fulfillment software.

Pick & Pack
Order Fulfillment
Delivery Service

We provide end-to-end internet fulfillment services for online retailers of all sizes.

Our EFulfillment Service enables small-to-medium ecommerce merchants to manage their businesses from anywhere, providing product storage, order processing, shipping, and returns management.

eFulfillment is our process for fulfilling your online (or electronic) orders – from warehousing to picking, packing, and shipping your product. As market trends indicate, B2B and B2C e-commerce orders are continuing to rise, as are customer expectations for fast-and-free shipping. Our expertise in both warehousing and transportation enable us to provide a highly efficient eFulfillment process that will result in the best buying experience for your customers.

Our inhouse delivery courier service enables to deliver orders immediate same day or next day at most.

Returns management from all channels

We arrange collection of returns and based on your instructions readd in stock or recycle or liquidate dispose them off.
We are Fast, Efficient and Cost-Effective Fulfillment

Amazon FBA Service

DashGO has expertise in Amazon FBA prep Service
We receive your shipments and ship out to Amazon FBA warehouses in Dubai, UAE and international to any destination.
Our collaboration with Amazon Dubai makes us to get delivery appointment at earliest.
We can also store your products and fulfill your merchant orders.