Quick & safe air and sea FREIGHT delivery of your cargo

DashGO provides air cargo or air freight service. Conjoined with different airlines (both global and domestic) we tirelessly do our best to deliver your freights on time. DashGO offers complete solutions in sea-air, air-sea, and air-air, with timely delivery. We are conjoined with experienced professionals for handling your shipments at every phase. Customs clearance and door delivery are accurately provided for meeting your requirements before the deadline.


Our sea freight service provides you to carry high volumes of freights with proper care and timely delivery. With an affordable economy, you can ship your things across the globe. 


If speed of delivery is your number one priority, choose our air freight forwarding service for swift, punctual delivery of your cargo. 


You can choose between our Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) services.

When you opt for FCL, you pay a flat rate for a container dedicated to holding your shipment. However, if your shipment does not need a full container to itself, you can go with LCL, wherein it is bundled along with other shipments. 

SEA to AIR Cargo

Sometimes, air freight can prove too expensive and sea freight too slow. If this is true for you, you can choose a combination of the two.

Your shipment will be transported partly by sea (thus controlling costs), and partly by air (thus making up for lost time). Perfect for when you have opposing constraints of budget and speed. 

AIR to AIR Cargo

If there is no point-to-point carrier available between your source and destination, we will ensure that your shipment stays safe as it travels on multiple carriers.

We hold responsibility for loading and unloading your shipment with the utmost safety and efficiency.  

Dubai Airport Customs Clearance

We facilitate the smooth movements of your cargo in Customs Clearance in Dubai airport. With our years of experience, we create a validate credibility through trust and openness.

Container Loading & Offloading Service

We provide container loading and offloading services. We ensure the final checking of your products before loading them into the container. With a proper management strategy, we unload your cargo and deliver it without uncertainties.

JebelAli Seaport Customs Clearance

We deliver your cargo to your doorstep without any mess related to Customs clearance. We ensure clearance of all types of shipments through Jebel Ali. With more than ten years of experience In Dubai, we engraved a virtuous service history.

Cross-Stuffing Service Transhipment Cargo Service

We are always eager to provide a well-qualified shipping experience without any damage. Cross stuffing is the process of filling empty containers, and ship after the sealing. Our team is equipped with cross stuffing services, and we manage the roundabout coordination of the shipment from point of origin to its final destination.

Cargo Consolidation Service

We bear responsibility for the consolidation of your cargo. The loads from MTL are collected and combined by our skilled employees. You can ship all kinds of freight without concerning the size of it. Our team is always ready to serve you with accuracy.

Express Pickup

We can expedite deliveries to support urgent business requirements. If you need your shipment delivered quicker than our standard turnaround times, we can pick up your shipment in under four hours and get it ready for delivery (provided your documentation is in order).