Warehousing and Storage in Dubai

For international shipping, it is super important to choose the right shipping method. This can make all the difference in terms of costs, risk management, and efficiency of services, especially for online sellers operating on platforms like Amazon, Noon, Shopify, Instagram, and Facebook. Mainly we have two popular options available here, just like TL and LTL of door to door cargo from Dubai to Saudi Arabia. These are Full container load (FCL) and Less than container load (LCL). 

When you rent a full container load (FCL) shipping container, you put all of your things inside there. You only pay a flat rate for the space in the container, no matter how filled it is. Less than Container Load (LCL), on the other hand, means that your goods will be packed with goods from other customers to fill a container. They only charge you for the space your things take up with LCL. 

So, what should you think before considering the best of these two options? Let’s discuss this in this article. 

Cost Consideration

When deciding between FCL and LCL, cost is one of the most important things to think about. Cost consideration is crucial for online sellers such as Amazon FBA or FBM merchants. FCL packages usually cost more upfront. It may be cheaper per unit for FCL than LCL though, if you need to ship a lot of supplies. But if you don’t have big shipments, LCL can be more economical. If your shipment volumes vary a lot, you are good with LCL too! 

Transit time and Reliability

Another very important thing to think about is transaction time. Most of the time, FCL goods arrive faster because they don’t have to stop to be consolidated so they go straight from where they start to their destination. LCL packages may take longer because they need more time to be consolidated and de-consolidated at different places. 

Risk Management

FCL and LCL both have their pros and cons when it comes to managing risk. FCL may give you more peace of mind if you’re sending valuable items or have specific security needs like storage in Dubai. Not so with LCL packages, which have more than one supply in a single container, so handling and consolidation problems are more likely to happen. 

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