Delivery Service Dubai

When you want to get door to door cargo from China to Dubai solutions, you may be confused about what will be the perfect option for you. You can go for LTL or TL based on your requirements. Both of these solutions can help ship your products. You can also get storage service in Dubai from the right company. But understanding the difference is crucial for informed decision-making, especially for online sellers operating on platforms like Amazon, Noon, Shopify, and other platforms. So, let’s understand the differences in this article:

LTL services

When you go for LTL or less than truckload services, more than one person will send their items using the same truck. This option is perfect when you have a small delivery to make and can also be cost-effective. This consideration is vital for online sellers managing varying shipment sizes across multiple platforms.

TL services

TL or truckload services will be suitable for you when you want to use the entire truck for your business. It is great for larger shipments that you would not want to ship with other items. The entire truck will be reserved for you and there will be no shipping delays since it will directly be shipped from your location to the destination of the products.

Choosing the most suitable option:

Size of the shipment

A single truck has a limited shipmentsize. So, when you go for LTL delivery service Dubai, there may be a certain weight limit for your shipments. However, when you choose the TL option for your shipments, you get more spaceand weight. This provides you with complete control over your shipments.

Time required for shipping

Most Amazon FBM merchants Sellers use TL services, because there is less transit time in it. But if you choose LTL services, there can be several stops on the way of the truck. So, it will be a great option when you require cost-effective services for smaller shipments, like for online sellers from Instagram and Facebook. On the other hand, TL services will help you shiplarge shipments quickly.


With LTL services, you may have to take care of the packaging requirements of the company you are shipping with. This may be necessary because you will share the truck with other businesses too. But with TL services, you can package the products as you like.

If you are searching for fulfillment service Dubai, make sure to work with a suitable company that can cater to your requirements.

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